Paul McCartney Reveals His Inner Gleek, Sends Ryan Murphy A Mixtape


How big is Glee? Apparently so big that actual Beatles are lobbying to get their music on the show. Series creator Ryan Murphy, speaking to reporters at the TCA in Beverly Hills Monday night, said that he "got a mixtape from Paul McCartney the other day. I thought I was being punked." He later clarified that the "mixtape" was actually two CDs with various tunes on them, including the Fab Four's "Michelle." "There was a note that said, 'Hi, Ryan, I hope you'd consider these songs for Glee,'" Murphy said. "I was gobsmacked." Naturally, Murphy is planning to take advantage of the offer and incorporate some McCartney/Beatles songs in a future episode, though he's not sure there'll be an entire hour devoted to them, as the show did with Madonna. As for other famous Brits, Murphy confirmed the rumor that he's talking to Susan Boyle about appearing in a Christmas episode. And Sue Sylvester fans should start monitoring Amazon right now: Producers are planning to publish a fake autobiography written by the character, with real-life alter-ego Jane Lynch expected to go on tour to support the book.