Eight of the Filthiest TV Sex Scenes the Parents Television Council Doesn’t Want You to See


Summer is a time of hot weather, small clothing, and, most commonly, steamy sex on TV. From head-twisting vampire hate sex to "smooshing" on reality TV, there's simply too much for Vulture to keep track of. So in order to take a proper look back at the summer of TV filth, we contacted the Parents Television Council (PTC) — the watchdog organization that closely monitors and painstakingly describes the nastiest and most depraved sex on TV (for the children's sake) — and asked them to send us the most scandalous things they'd seen this summer. They complied, and although their list is not comprehensive, it does contain, in their words, "some of the worst of the worst." Click through to teach yourself the horrors of modern summer television. All straightforward and carefully detailed descriptions provided are the PTC's own.