Ryan Reynolds' Wife Competing With His Lantern Costar For Gravity Part


It’s Serena versus ScarJo. After Angelina Jolie dropped out of Alfonso Cuaron’s outer space thriller Gravity, a bevy of Hollywood’s hottest actresses entered the competition for the leading role of a female astronaut in the film, which will also star Robert Downey Jr. In the past two weeks, Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively tested for the role (after other actresses, including Marion Cotillard, tested earlier in the summer) -- and, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Johansson and Lively have “risen to look like the likeliest candidates," with an announcement expected within the next two weeks.

The film revolves around astronauts repairing the Hubble telescope who are hit with an “avalanche of satellite junk”; the surviving astronaut has to “fight her way back to Earth,” where she hopes to be reunited with her daughter (though perhaps this will be changed since either actress would seem a bit young to be playing a mom). No matter who gets the part, the fun will really begin during the press tour for Ryan Reynolds and Lively's upcoming Green Lantern, when everyone will no doubt be asked about this "rivalry" a million times.

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