Piranha 3D and 11 Memorable Murders Perpetrated by Sea Creatures


Here is Piranha 3D director Alexandre Aja speaking to Vulture on the amount of fake blood pouring through his movie: “Did you say 7,000 [gallons]? Multiply by ten ... 20,000 kids getting attacked at spring break is a lot of blood in the water.” Now, if that kind of implied nautical mass murder doesn't get you amped for a night at the movies, feel free to stop reading immediately. For the rest of you: In honor of Piranha 3D's opening, we've pulled together our favorite movie scenes in which bloodthirsty sea beasts, both real and mythical, carry out grisly water-based kills. As always, let us know what we missed. Okay, who wants to see a 30-foot crocodile chomp a guy's head off?!