Skyline Trailer: Who Will Save Us From the Aliens This Time?


Skyline — an alien-invasion flick from special-effects duo the Brothers Strause, who also directed the second Aliens vs. Predator movie and a video for 50 Cent — wants to be every Internet nerd's new obsession. And, so far, it's playing its cards right: The just-unveiled teaser trailer rightly doesn't bother with such mundane details as plot or characters (with all due respect to Donald Faison and Brittany Daniel, the cast list won't be selling any tickets anyway) and goes right for the gut with hella-dramatic, super-slo-mo visual trickery. For the most part, it's nothing we haven't seen before … until that terrifying last bit, when an alien spacecraft unleashes a swirling tornado that sucks up human bodies. Well, we're sold.