Sued RV Dealer Challenges Taylor Lautner to Push-up Contest


Last week, the six-packed 18-year-old claimed in a lawsuit that he had suffered "emotional distress" due to the late delivery of a customized $300,000 RV. It probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that the dealership in question has decided, in true Hollywood fashion, to take this unexpected publicity and run with it. McMahon's RV owner Brent McMahon has offered to compete with Lautner in a “push-up contest” to settle the lawsuit (Lautner's camp allegedly is looking for a $40,000 settlement to resolve the case). McMahon said if Lautner refuses to take part in the contest, the Irvine, California-based company will “vigorously defend the case in court.” Lautner’s attorney, Robert Barta, wasn’t in the mood for laughs, however, claiming the contest suggestion was “facetious” and that it “demonstrates the lack of professionalism … the company [has] exhibited from the outset.” While it’s of course hard to disagree with Barta, McMahaon perhaps deserves a tiny bit of credit for not mandating the Twilight star partake in the contest without a shirt on.

RV dealer challenges 'Twilight' star to push-ups [AP]