Taylor Lautner Sues RV Dealership For "Emotional Distress"


Considering his wholesome, no frills image, it comes as something of a surprise that Taylor Lautner has, according to TMZ, seemingly taken part in some diva-in-training behavior. The site has gotten its hands on a lawsuit in which Lautner claims he has suffered from “emotional distress” and “annoyance” because the RV trailer he ordered to use during the filming of Abduction in Pittsburgh wasn’t delivered on time and wasn't "tricked out” in the specified manner requested. The Twilight star, who bought the trailer for $300,000, is claiming breach of contract and fraud, and he is looking for unspecified damages. While it's unknown what "tricks" the burgeoning action star had requested for the trailer, one can guess the desired amenities included a stash of Olive Garden bread sticks for snacking, some Taylor Swift CDs for sulking, and a makeshift gym for always.

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