Terry Gilliam Is ‘Trying to Figure Out’ What This Arcade Fire Webcast Thing Is


If the news from the other day that Terry Gilliam would be directing a live webcast Thursday night of Arcade Fire’s Madison Square Garden concert struck you as odd, well, it apparently seemed — and still seems! — just as strange to Gilliam himself. Wednesday, a day before the concert, Gilliam shared his confusion about his involvement with ew.com.

“I’m trying to find out what this fucking thing is,” he said. “I keep reading that I’m directing this thing, but I’m not sure that’s what I’m doing. Their manager called my agent less than two weeks ago and said, ‘We’re doing this webcast and the band would love it if you got involved.’... I’m a groupie, basically! If I see somebody doing something stupid I’ll probably mention that to them. But their show’s really good, and they’ve got really good video stuff already. So we’ll stick with what they’re doing and I can sit back and take credit for everything.”

Sweet gig.

Terry Gilliam talks about directing tomorrow’s Arcade Fire webcast: ‘I’m trying to find out what this f—ing thing is!” [Music Mix/EW]