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What Did It Cost to Be Kanye This Week?

Suppose you had the energy, means, and lack of good sense to try to live like Kanye West for a week — how much would it cost you? Now that he's on Twitter and cataloging his hourly expenditures, we can finally know. Today, on the six-day anniversary of Kanye's inaugural tweet, we've estimated and added up the prices of everything he's claimed to have spent money on (not included: things he wants, but does not seem to have actually bought yet, like this awesome goblet and the Palace of Versailles). Our scrupulous math, after the jump.

yooooooo it's been a busy day.. heading to Asia now... I'll get some pics when I land!!!less than a minute ago via web

Flight to Asia: About $1,000

Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep onless than a minute ago via web

Fur pillow: $240

pic coming from lunch a couple days ago than a minute ago via web

Lunch with Jay-Z at Nello: $200 (or about $100 per person)

No seriously ... I said my teeth are real diamonds... these are not fronts... I replaced my bottom row of teeth with diamondsless than a minute ago via web

Diamond grill: $2495

I know everybody at Rolling Stones had one question on there mind... and the answer is... yes, the shoes are Dreis than a minute ago via Twitpic

Dries Van Noten shoes: about $600

watching Avatar on the bis screen ... Ruby Red mixed with the Grey Goose... Vintage Versace glasses (not shades)... how you want it!!!less than a minute ago via web

Avatar on Blu-ray: $21.99

Ruby-red-grapefruit juice: $4.14

Bottle of Grey Goose vodka: $52.99

Versace glasses: $198

11 YSL suits I have to try on before 2mrw morning... thats what I like to call good problems!! hahahahaaaless than a minute ago via web

Yves Saint Laurent suit: $1,836

I got my projector in today for the living room then image is about 13 feet wide 10,000 lumins watching Dark Knight in the dayless than a minute ago via web

Top-of-the-line Panasonic home projector with 10,000 lumens
: $59,000

The Dark Knight on Blu-ray: $17.49

this J.Press tie is the greatest tie of all tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!!!!!!! Kool Aid smile!!!! It's the small things that mean so muchless than a minute ago via web

J.Press tie: $70

Sipping Molnar Family Poseidin's Vineyard Chardonnay in the middle of the day sidebar out of gold cups for whatever that's worthless than a minute ago via web

Bottle of Molnar Family Poseidon’s Vineyard Chardonnay: $20.94

I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuughless than a minute ago via web

Persian rug (we couldn't find one with cherub imagery either): $5,000

Is the Versace sofa to hood? Might need to cover it in plastic!!! than a minute ago via Twitpic

Versace sofa: $5,500

hold on.... I'm bout to hop on this #BABYMAMAJET the jets Billionaires give to they baby mamas or they 1rst 2nd or 3rd wifeless than a minute ago via web

Chartered jet from Los Angeles to New York: about $10,000

I jog in Lanvinless than a minute ago via web

Lanvin high-tops: $1,195

Total: $87,451.55

Photo: Twitpic