The Freebie Trailer: Dax Shepard Begins His Likability Campaign


You may recall The Freebie — a relationship comedy directed by and starring The League’s Katie Aselton, also known as mumble-core champion Mark Duplass’s wife — from Vulture’s Twenty Very Best Movies at Sundance 2010 slideshow. If so, you may also recall that slideshow in part consisting of Vulture’s Logan Hill taking the previously unimaginable position of being in support of Dax Shepard’s acting talents. (The Freebie producers noticed: Logan's quoted in the trailer. His name is misspelled, in sort of a bizarre fashion. It’s worth watching out for.) Well, here comes the trailer, featuring a restrained, melancholy Dax contemplating whether or not to sleep with someone other than his wife and playing Scrabble. Who’s curious?