The Fug Girls Believability Scale for Suspicious Celebrity Couples


Hollywood has churned out a lot of bizarre real-life couplings, but recently, there's none so odd as American Idol host Ryan Seacrest allegedly dating — and co-habitating with — ex–Dancing With the Stars pro Julianne Hough, who is thirteen years his junior. Or, thought of another way, merely 14 (practically a fetus!) when Idol premiered. Frankly, we don't buy it. And they're not the only celebrity pairing to ping our PR radars lately: Join us as we put some of the worst recent offenders under the harsh lights of the Relationship Believability Scale and rate them from zero to ten, with ten being the kind of true, peerless love we've probably seen roughly thrice in the history of Hollywood, and zero being as suspicious as the time Michael Jackson married Lisa-Marie Presley and then stuck his tongue in her mouth on MTV. (For more from the Fug Girls, visit