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The Last Exorcism and 23 Other Things That Hollywood Has Declared the End Of

"This is the last time!"

In tribute to The Last Exorcism, an Eli Roth co-produced horror movie in theaters this Friday, Vulture presents: a commentary-free list of all the things that — at least according to movie titles taken completely out of context — have ceased to exist. Here we go ...

• Airbenders
• Mohicans
• Picture shows
• Sunsets
• Samurais
• Nights
• Songs
• Stations
• Dragons
• Words
• Suppers
• Dons
• Days
• Days of Boot Hill
• American Heroes
• Action Heroes
• Man, standing
• Man, on Earth
• Woman, on Earth
• Houses on the Left
• Stands (X-Men specific)
• Dancers (Mao specific)
• Calls (Carson Daly specific)

What else?

Photo: Lionsgate