The Next Three Days Trailer: No Wife of Russell Crowe’s Has to Stay in Jail


It’s the action movie from the director of Crash we’ve all been waiting for! Paul Haggis gives big socially relevant themes (but not heart-tugging) a rest with this thriller, based on a French film about a dedicated husband who breaks his wife out of jail. Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks star as the happily married twosome — happy, that is, up until Banks is arrested for murder, turns suicidal, and Crowe has to go renegade (plus learn how to load a gun) to bust her out. Liam Neeson plays an ex-con who helps the broken-up but determined Crowe plan the escape, which will, per the trailer’s very last, overwrought action shot, include Banks almost — but we guess not quite — getting hit by a truck while dangling out of a moving vehicle.