Damon Wayans Jr.: The Other Guys Stars Made Sex Drawings of Each Other


At last night's premiere of The Other Guys, we heard some unusually interesting anecdotes about off-camera antics. We'll let Damon Wayans Jr. explain: The cast “did exclusive drawings of each other doing, you know, homosexual acts and bestiality, stuff like that.” Do go on, Mr. Wayans. “And in the background would be whatever we’d be watching on TV while we were doing the acts.” For example: “I drew Mark [Wahlberg] and Will [Ferrell] doing stand-up 69, and True Blood was playing in the background. But it was all in fun, you know.” That sounds like something you might see on Will Ferrell's Funny or Die website! Speaking of which, Ferrell confirmed the rumor that the Funny or Die team is pitching the “Undercover Karaoke” video, in which singer Jewel dons prosthetic makeup and sings karaoke of her own songs to an unsuspecting crowd, as a reality show. By way of explanation, Ferrell described the video as “really funny, but [also] beautiful.”