Vincent Van Gogh Painting Reportedly Stolen From Cairo Museum [Updated]


Vincent van Gogh's "Vase and Flowers," or "Poppy Flowers," a painting valued at $50 million, has reportedly been stolen from a Cairo museum this morning. Egyptian police are searching for suspects, and Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni said that authorities at all of Egypt's air and sea ports have been notified. The same painting was actually stolen from the same museum in 1978 and recovered two years later in Kuwait. So if you see anyone walking around with a Van Gogh subtly tucked under their arms, say something!

'Thieves steal Van Gogh painting from Cairo museum' [AP via Jezebel, Stolen Vermeer]

Updated: "Security officers at Cairo airport confiscated the painting from two Italians — a man and a woman — as they were trying to leave the country. No further details were immediately available." Well, that was quick. [AP]