Vulture’s Mockingjay Contest: We Have Winners!

On Monday, half a day before Mockingjay was released into the wild, we offered a copy of the Suzanne Collins book and an iPod Touch to the two Hunger Games enthusiasts who could write the best haikus about the series. We’ve sorted through the very impressive results and selected two winners. Before we get to them, we’d like to give honorable mentions to two entries, which — unfortunately — flouted the rules of haiku (five, seven, five syllables) and so have to be disqualified despite their general excellence. So, shout out to feed_the_ducks for:

YOU FINISH but Peeta can
bake, therefore he wins.

Sadly, "Gale" is one syllable. Also to lorimac, who did an elegant seven-five-seven poem:

Best thing of all is Katniss
Will never become
A Real Housewife of Anywhere

Now, on to the winners!

Congratulations to murkywaters for:

Hmm … Peeta or Gale?
Hold on, that’s right, I forgot.
I’m not Bella Swan.

Nice Twilight mocking! And from angiemanfredi31, a nice pro-Peeta ditty:

Cake-baker, cookie
decorator. He still rip
your throat out for her.

Thanks for playing! And enjoy the book, if you haven't read it in one breathless sitting yet.