Why Did Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis Miss The Expendables Poster Photo Shoot?


A close reading of The Expendables movie poster (provided by a solid month or so of staring at it while waiting for the C train) has unearthed this strange fact: While the rest of the burly, badass cast is rendered via the traditional method of photography, Messrs. Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke — tucked away at the far right of the lineup, presumably as an awareness-mitigation tactic — are inexplicably illustrated, possibly by an inexperienced and/or drunk police sketch artist operating off directions given by an optically challenged eye witness who had only ever seen Rourke and Willis in a magazine, briefly, once each, several years ago, after a long night of peyote and Mario Kart Wii. (For a more in-depth look, click here.) In the anonymous artists’ defense, Rourke’s sombrero looks great.