Win Butler Not Voting for Wyclef Either


Arcade Fire front man Win Butler is speaking out about Wyclef's candidacy (it's not as random as it may sound: Butler's wife and bandmate, Regine Chassagne, is Haitian-Canadian, and the band has waged several campaigns to raise money for the rebuilding of Haiti). Guess what? He agrees with Pras! "I think him not speaking French and not being fluent in Creole would be a really major issue in trying to run a really complex government like the government in Haiti," Butler says. "It would kind of be like Arnold Schwarzenegger only speaking Austrian and being elected President of the United States after New York City and L.A. had burned to the ground ... I think he is a great musician and he really passionately cares about Haiti. I really hope he throws his support behind someone who is really competent and really eligible." [Pitchfork]