With Help From Luxury Apartment Developers, Brooklyn Pool Parties Will Go On


Earlier this week, the summer's last installment of the ever-sweaty, ongoing Brooklyn Pool Parties, at which Delorean, Dominique Young Unique, and "Super Special Guests," were expected to play, was suddenly canceled, owing to Jelly NYC, the promoter, not paying its bills. (Cred!) But fear not, if you were hoping to get high and listen to Delorean on Sunday: The nonprofit group that helps administer the park, the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, has reinstated that show, the Times reports, after Jelly paid up with the help of local businesses. One of the donors, interestingly enough, was Douglaston Development, the developers behind the towering, vaguely controversial Williamsburg luxury apartment building the Edge, adjacent to East River State Park. The others were Norman and Elaine Brodsky, owners of CitiStorage.

Last Pool Parties Show in Brooklyn Reinstated [ArtsBeat/NYT]