30 Rock Makes 8:30 p.m. Time Slot Safe for ‘Sleep Rape’ Jokes


Oh, Hornberger. Last night's 30 Rock was crammed full of jokes that flew by (did anyone catch the subtle dig at Aaron Sorkin's long-dead Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip when that show's hack writers "Ricky" and "Ronnie" were included in the TGS credits?), but there was one punchline that was hard to miss: the moment when a newly reenergized Pete told Liz how he had rough sex with his sleeping wife, and we got visuals of the dirty deed twice. "Rape is NOT funny ... The season-five premiere disgusted me," wrote an NBC message-board user, echoing the complaint of many outraged bloggers. Over at the AV Club, however, commenters took a different tack; witness "fastandsloppy," who said: "If initiating sex ... in bed ... with your WIFE is rape, color me rapey and proud." Consider yourself so colored, sir, though perhaps commenter "Mickey Snitts" explained it best: "no long term married person would find that gag offensive. it happens when you spend 20 years fucking the same person. occasionally your wife will feel your sleep-boner and insert it, its not rape any more than masturbating while drunk is taking advantage of yourself." Noted!