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30 rock

From ‘Bear vs. Killer Robots’ to ‘Gaybraham Lincoln’: A List of Every TGS Sketch or Pitch From 30 Rock

The writers on 30 Rock's fictional show within a show, TGS, have come up with many sure-to-be-timeless sketch ideas. Unfortunately, we never get to actually see them: At best, we get a glimpse of a rehearsal, at worst, a mere mention in the writers' room. But even though they're not actually performed, they deserve as much of a place in the pantheon of sketch comedy as Saturday Night Live's "Church Lady" or the Kids in the Hall's "Head Crusher." So to ensure they are never forgotten, we're starting a list of all of the TGS sketches ever referenced. This is what we found: did we leave any out?

• Pam, the Overly Confident Morbidly Obese Woman
• Cat Lady, in which Jenna is attacked by a recently rescued cat
• Michael Jackson, cut because they “can’t say he has a vagina.”
• Biscuit
• Rolando, the Two-Foot-Tall Spanish Hustler
• Ching-Chong, Man Who Loves to Play Ping-Pong
• Bear vs. Killer Robots
• Toofer’s commercial parody ideas: Honey Bunches of Sadness, Oat Bum, Swastic-Os, Fruit Lupus, Dingle Berries, Fart Nuggets, Frosted Mini Guns, and Lucky Bastards
• Meep Beep Ribby Ribby
• Who Wants to Eat a Dictionary?
• Homophobic Gays
• Gaybraham Lincoln
• "Muffin Top" Performance With Ghostface Killah
• Liz Taylor
• Shemanda: “Rodney don’t make me come over there and make me beat you with one of my boom booms.”
• Star Jones's Gastric Bypass Cooking Show
• "Yo Momma" Competition
• Lutz's Hobo pitches: Hobos on Ice, America’s Next Top Hobo, Hobo Eye for the Straight Guy, Deal or No Hobo?, and the Amazing Hobo
• Dennis Hastert Farting
• Lamazwell: Lamaze Class Meets Roswell
• Bill Clinton Eating Hamburgers
• MTV Darfur
• Hot Baby
• Cowboy Hey Hey
• Me Want Food
• Fat Hillary Clinton
• A Lone Man on Mars in the Year 1861
• Barry the Humping Dog, Searching for a GE Washer and Dryer
• The Farting Lab Experiment/Robot (“It’s farting, it’s farting” —Tracy)
• Swear Masters
• Rapping Obama
• The Bear and Robot Talk Show
• Rapping Suri Cruise
• Farting Machine

Photo: NBC