Vulture’s Painstakingly Accurate Map of Glee’s McKinley High


Some fictional places — like Lord of the Rings' Middle Earth, or Harry Potter's Hogwarts — have been mapped in such detail that we know the exact location of every Hobbit hole, over-size spider's nest, and moving staircase. Not so with Glee's William McKinley High, where it's never been clear just how the one hallway the students and teachers are always walking through connects to the principal's office or the football field. But because it's important to know, say, how far Sue Sylvester's office is from the rehearsal room — can she hear the glee club practice? Has that been one of her secret methods of sabotage this whole time? — we've tried to assemble the definitive map of McKinley High. It took some detective work: We rewatched every episode, keeping careful notes on where the gleeks turned corners, entered rooms, and got slusheed. We did discover some inconsistencies (Ryan Murphy and Co. do not always share J.R.R. Tolkein's dedication to geographic precision), but we've come up with as close a floor plan as can exist. If you notice anything wrong — maybe you think Sue's trophies are closer to Will's classroom? — we'd love for you to turn cartographer, make your own diagram, and send it to us at We'll get William McKinley mapped like it's Middle Earth if it's the last thing we do. (Click the map to enlarge.)