Are Das Racist a Real Band Now?


As in, are they no longer the “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” guys? Today’s release of Sit Down, Man, their second pretty great mixtape — which boasts a Diplo and Mad Decent co-sign, an El-P verse, and a Boi-1da beat — takes them further and further from their origins as Internet curio and into legitimate, attention-deserving, custom-skewering rap act territory. They’re still fucking around, of course: Much of the track “Fashion Party” is based around that timeless sonnet “I see London, I see France.” The Boi-1da beat is used on a track called “hahahaha jk?,” the chorus of which goes “we’re not joking / just joking we are joking / we’re not joking” and features a spoken-word interlude where Himanshu Suri explains a lyric as being “a reference to the soap opera Days of our Lives even though I was a bigger General Hospital fan growing up.” If Ghostface quit rapping after Supreme Clientele then spent the next ten years watching TV before staging a comeback, his stuff might have sounded like this. That is a compliment.

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