Aziz Ansari to Announce Kanye’s VMAs Performance


We're less than 100 hours away from Kanye West's much-anticipated return to the MTV Video Music Awards. Will he end up collaborating with new Twitter BFF Justin Bieber? Will he find another way to apologize to Taylor Swift? Dunno — but Vulture can tell you who's set to introduce Mr. West's Sunday performance. According to sources close to the show, Vulture bro (and Parks and Rec star) Aziz Ansari has been asked to do the honors. Ansari and Kanye are definitely buds, with their previous hangs ending up fodder for Ansari's stand-up specials and Letterman appearances. Ansari also started the still-popular Twitter hashtag #PredictingKanyeTweets. In other words, we're expecting Ansari will come up with something a bit sharper than "Ladies and gentleman, Kanye West!" Maybe a little Raaaaaaaandy?