While on Break at NBC, Parks and Recreation Brings the Show to Vulture


You're thrilled that the NBC Thursday-night comedies are back, but it just won't be the same without the hilarious Parks and Recreation, will it? While it waits on deck as a mid-season replacement, it feels like Jeff Winger, Liz Lemon, and Michael Scott without Leslie Knope is like John, Paul, and George without Ringo. (Or is Leslie more of a Paul? Never mind, the analogy stands!) But weep not, because Vulture is working with the Parks and Rec crew to make sure you still get your weekly hit of Pawnee. Every Thursday until the show comes back on the air, we'll be presenting an original photo essay shot by the cast and writers, so you can feel like all is right with your Thursday. Today's inaugural story is called "Becoming Ron Swanson" and shows how, at the beginning of shooting each new season, Nick Offerman is wrangled back to society. But before the "show" begins, make sure to check out the special video message from the mustachioed one himself after the jump! (To catch up on past P&R episodes and webisodes, visit NBC.com.)