Bill Hicks Essential Collection Is Coming Next Tuesday


Bill Hicks was one of the best stand-ups of the last few decades until he tragically died of pancreatic cancer in 1994 at the age of 32. And now, has a new 2CD/2DVD set coming out next Tuesday the 14th which looks to be pretty essential to anyone wondering why the hell comedians love this guy so much. The set includes virtually all of his stand-up material, an entire movie (Ninja Bachelor Party) and a number of previously unheard pieces and songs. Here’s the full tracklisting:

Bill Hicks - The Essential CollectionCD (Disc 1)1. Fevered Egos2. I’m Talking To The Women3. My Favorite New Kid4. Marketing & Advertising5. Artistic Roll Call6. Orange Drink7. Save Willie8. Menu?9. A Killer Idea10. Goodbye You Lizard Scum11. Summertime12. Elvis*13. The News14. Confession Time (Cops)15. Please Do Not Disturb*16. Spectravision & Housekeeping*17. Girl Of Your Dreams18. Clam Lappers & Sonic The Hedgehog19. What Is Pornography?20. Renting Pornos & Girlfriends*21. Name & Address Not Withheld*22. Beelzebozo*23. Pussywhipped Satan24. I Love My Job25. Audience Member / Old Folks Home Manager*26. Worst Audience Ever27. The F Word28. My ParentsCD (Disc 2)1. Drugs Have Done Good Things2. Rockers Against Drugs Suck3. We Live In A World4. Drugs Have Done Good Things Part 2*5. Ding Dong6. Gays In The Military7. Speaking Of Homosexuality8. Children On Airplanes9. Your Children Aren’t Special10. Pro Life11. Non-Smokers12. Audience Member / Dental Assistant*13. Smoking14. Smoking Tastes Great*15. Yul Brynner16. Smoking In Heaven17. Flying Saucer Tour18. Burning Issues19. Odd Beliefs20. Kennedy & The Warren Commission21. Handguns - UK vs. USA *22. The VisionDVD (Disc 3)The Early Years - Stand UpHouston , TX - 1981*Houston , TX - 1984*Indianapolis , IN - 1985*Houston , TX (Part 1) - 1986*Houston , TX (Part 2) - 1986*The Early Years - TV InterviewThe Outlaw ComicsOutlaw Comics PerformanceOrigins Of The Outlaw Comics*Extras - Photo GalleryDVD (Disc 4)Ninja Bachelor PartyAbout Ninja Bachelor PartyAustin Bootleg SeriesNovember, 1991*December, 1992*June, 1993*October, 1993*About The Austin Bootleg SeriesDownload CardLo-Fi Troubadour’ (Original Songs* - Written & Performed by Bill Hicks)*1. Introduction2. She’s A Woman3. Hey Mama4. The Road Can Be Hard5. Jazz Instrumental6. The Moon Is Smiling7. Turn Your Mind Over To Your Heart8. No Music In My Soul9. Waiting To Meet You10. I Never Really Cried For You11. Outro Instrumental