Black Swan Will Scare the Ellipsis Out of You

"We wanted to a [sic] make a movie that scared the ... out of people." —Darren Aronofsky, on Black Swan [LAT]

"So, so far I'm the oldest chick with the biggest hair and the littlest costume." —Cher at the VMAs [People]

"Oh, my God, it's like a steak. I mean, it's a $30 salad. I'm getting a $30 salad. Let's also just get some Cristal and some caviar." —Emma Stone, eating at The Four Seasons [LAT]

"I'm a huge fan of seamen, thank you." —Johnny Knoxville [People]

"Angelina isn't the best person to hook up with, but we were out partying and having fun. They aren't all going to be 9s and 10s!" —Vinny Guadagnino on hooking up with Angelina [Us]