Budding Twilight Fan James Franco Disappointed by Breaking Dawn Sex Scene


James Franco may be more of a Twilighter than he first let on: The actor and abstemious academic has admitted in the past to reading the first Twilight novel "for a project," but now he tells MTV that he's seen the films, too, and he especially appreciates the homoeroticism of Eclipse: "There will be a scene where the go-to guys, Taylor and Rob, are in the tent, it's almost like a Brokeback Mountain scene, where the two guys are talking in a tent and the girl is asleep, and they're having, like, this romantic moment almost through her, in a way." Still, Franco's appreciation has its limits, and they were sorely tested by the final novel, Breaking Dawn. "I read a part of it. I think I got to the sex scene, but it was so brief, I didn't even know if it was the actual sex scene. It was kind of a letdown after all that buildup." [MTV]