The Fug Girls Suggest Ten TV Cameos Guaranteed to Boost Ratings


Only a few days into the fledgling fall TV season, it already feels less about what's on than about who's on, thanks to an influx of cutesy celebrity cameos. Jennifer Aniston just appeared on the premiere of Cougar Town with her old Friend Courteney Cox. When Chuck needed a repo man, it logically turned to Repo Man, a.k.a. Harry Dean Stanton. And last week, Smallville revealed that Teri Hatcher — who played Lois Lane fifteen years ago on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Supermanwill pop by as Lois's mother this season. (If that makes us feel old, we can't imagine how The Hatch feels.) If three's a trend, we're officially on a roll. So why stop? We've compiled a slideshow of stunt-casting suggestions guaranteed to give a variety of shows a nice boost — or at least make for a fairly entertaining 30-second promo. (For more from the Fug Girls, visit