Check Out Vulture Recommends: Movie and Music Picks From Demetri Martin, the Walkmen, and Vulture Critics


Just a heads up that our new Vulture Recommends section is growing — today we added recommendations from funnyman Demetri Martin (the five Best Albert Brooks films), Paul Maroon and Walter Martin of the Walkmen (the five best Sun Studios songs), New York Mag movie critic David Edelstein (the five best movies to see now), Darin Strauss (the five best authors slumming it), and John Ortiz (five great stage-to-film adaptations). That's all in addition to picks from Solange Knowles, Sarah Silverman, Salman Rushdie, Jerry Saltz, and Internet prophet Edith Zimmerman, among others. Go find something to do, read, watch, hear, touch, or otherwise enjoy right this moment. Or later this weekend. Vulture Recommends will always be there for you, silently recommending.