Courtney Love Covers Lady Gaga, Curses at Fans at Don Hill’s


Courtney Love showed up an hour and a half late last night for her Deleon Tequila series concert at Don Hill’s, the the Soho music club newly reopened by Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan. But after a brief apology and a "Sympathy for the Devil" cover, she made up for it by covering Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," passionately. "Thank you for tolerating 'Bad Romance,'” she said afterward, to cheers and laughter from a crowd that included Paz de la Huerta and André Balazs.

Love demanded cigarettes and beverages from the staff, and she tossed off her wrap a couple of songs into the hour-long set. “Shut the fuck up, or I’m walking the fuck off. I mean it,” she said at one point. Then she noticed the wadded-up garments at her feet, picked them up, and moved them, commenting, “It’s couture, bitch." Near the end of her set, a fan screamed, “We love you, Courtney!" Awesomely, she shot back: "You don't even know me."