Dana Carvey's Second Attempt at a Sketch Show Is Not to Be


Remember back in January when word leaked out that Dana Carvey was plotting a big comeback, a primetime revival guaranteed to make you forget about Master of Disguise forever? Well, never mind: Vulture has confirmed that the never-titled project, which had Carvey paired with former Fox late night host Spike Feresten, is now dead. The network developed the Carvey-Feresten half-hour at about the same time it was working on a new sketch comedy show produced by In Living Color alum Jamie Foxx. While Foxx's pilot was also passed on by Fox, yesterday the network decided to stay in business with the Oscar winner anyway, greenlighting a new, different sketch comedy series he would produce. Given the spotty track record of network sketch comedies over the past decade — like Kelsey Grammer's 2005 effort (the cast of which went onto better things), Steve Martin's The Downer Channel in 2001, or Carvey's last prime time sketch show — it's not surprising that Fox didn't want to roll the dice on two of them at once. By the way, while Fox announced Foxx's new show was headed for prime time, some industry insiders are already speculating it may actually end up in late night, filling the gap left by two previously canceled Saturday efforts: The Wanda Sykes Show and, yes, Talkshow with Spike Feresten.