Danny Trejo’s Eleven Baddest Badasses


The release of Robert Rodriguez’s Machete this week signals not only the long gestating realization of the imaginary exploitation movie promised by the fake trailer in Grindhouse — it also signals the long overdue emergence of Danny Trejo as an honest to God action movie hero. For years, Trejo has been a part of the movie tough-guy firmament — and he’s often been unforgettable, even in disposable roles like “Thug No. 1” and “Kidnapper No. 3.” Perhaps that’s because the actor is a genuine hard-ass — he spent years in the federal prison system, and got into the movies only late in his life, after a post-prison job as a drug counselor led him onto the set of the Jon Voight-Eric Roberts flick Runaway Train. (Hilariously, the reason Trejo got onto that set was because one of his counselees was a production assistant on the film and was having trouble keeping off drugs on a coked-up movie shoot.) Anyway, we’ve gone over Trejo’s film career (Jesus, this guy has made a lot of movies) and come up with what we believe are Danny Trejo’s eleven Baddest Badasses.