Failed Retiree Joaquin Phoenix to Maybe Play Foot Fetishist


The Hollywood Reporter today has a roundup of all the roles Joaquin Phoenix nearly signed up for over the past year (during which he SHOULD have been focusing on his hip-hop career!). He was almost Edgar Allen Poe in The Raven, before John Cusack took the part; he was in talks to play Tom Wolfe in Genius, about the relationship between the author and editor Max Perkins (Sean Penn); he turned down an offer to be a drug dealer in The Sitter, opposite Jonah Hill, who'll play a hapless college kid babysitting for neighbors. There is one role he's actually attached to: a foot-fetishizing shoe designer in Big Shoe, from director Steven Shainberg (Secretary), though the film is still seeking financing. Presumably that money will just fall into place, though, after audiences see Phoenix get pooped on in I'm Still Here this weekend.

Joaquin Phoenix not quitting acting just yet [HR]