Fox Not Canceling Lone Star, Yet


Fox won't mess with Texas just yet: Despite a catastrophic opening for acclaimed new drama Lone Star, the network currently plans to keep the drama on the air for at least one more week, Vulture has confirmed. With just 4 million viewers tuning into what was arguably the most-praised new pilot of the season, there had been talk that Fox could pull the plug immediately, putting the show in the rarefied one-and-done club. But programmers have decided to tough it out for at least one more week, just to see if the show finds any sort of connection with viewers once the hype over the launches of The Event and Dancing With the Stars dies down. Production on the 20th Century Fox TV–produced series also continues, with episode six slated to begin filming Friday. Nobody at the network is kidding themselves, though: Even if Lone Star jumped 30 percent next week, it would still be considered a disappointment, and quick cancellation is still the most likely outcome for the show. But good on Fox for not going completely wobbly and opting to at least give Lone Star one more shot.