Glee’s Costume Designer Takes Us Through Her Favorite Emma Looks


Glee is a singing show, not a fashion show, but every week one wardrobe stands out: the librarian chic of guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury. As you’d expect from this compulsive a character, her outfits are always perfectly put together, and fashion fanatics have taken notice. And all credit goes to the show’s Emmy-nominated costume designer Lou Eyrich, whom we asked to describe the Emma "look": “Emma is a lot of Anthropologie, Kate Spade, and J.Crew. Ryan [Murphy] wanted her as a typical schoolteacher, with a little bit of sex appeal and a quirkiness to her. We found what works best with her is pops of color and being very put together, to match her OCD. Nothing can be out of place.” We had Eyrich take us through ten standout Emma outfits and give us the thinking behind the sweaters.