Hereafter Trailer; or, Matt Damon Sees Dead People


Before getting down to the serious task of talking Hereafter — Clint Eastwood's very serious movie about people in serious emotional pain grappling with the serious issue of death seriously — we'd like to give a less serious but fully felt shout-out to Jay Mohr, who has had a nice rebound from Gary Unmarried, insofar as he is now appearing, albeit a bit pasty-facedly, in a Clint Eastwood movie as Matt Damon's brother. Congrats, Jay! Send your agent some flowers. Anyway, in Hereafter, a feature with multiple narratives that's closing out the New York Film Festival, Matt Damon plays a genuine, piercingly blue-eyed psychic who has turned his back on his gift because, duh, "It's a curse." This does not keep people — including Bryce Dallas Howard — from tracking him down and tearfully requesting his assistance. Meanwhile, a young boy is trying to deal with the death of his twin brother, and a French woman almost gets killed by a tsunami (which we see, and is straight-up terrifying). When the movie was first announced it was billed as a "supernatural thriller" and the plot details were kept under wraps, so consider this trailer willfully misleading.