Human Centipede 2 Teaser Is Surprisingly Safe for Work


Are you on your hands and knees? Good, because we've got some news that may shock you: There's a teaser out for The Human Centipede 2 — yup, the most notorious horror movie of the year already has a sequel in the can — and it's actually kind of cute. Who knew? Watch as the film's cowboy-hatted director Tom Six strolls through a parking garage like some demented cross between Alfred Hitchcock and Robert Rodriguez, musing in voice-over about the success of his person-sewing franchise. Alternately, you can read Six's new interview at about the film (out in 2011!), where he notes, "When you see the 12-person centipede on the set, it's so many people! If you did like 25 people, you'd need an entire street to shoot it. The sets would have to get bigger and bigger to get all the wide angle shots. It would be pretty crazy."