Jeff Zucker ‘Would Think About Running for Office Someday’


Outgoing NBC chief executive Jeff Zucker has to mull his future plans now that he's been shown the door by Comcast. He's a bit confused about where to go next, understandably, but why not try his hand at politics? He told The Hollywood Reporter:

I never thought about anything else for 24 years. I've only thought about NBC or Universal. But I have a lot of interests outside of this place. I am interested in politics. I would think about running for office someday, but it's not imminent and it's not anything that I'm thinking about today.

Or, would he stick around the media world that's dictated his life for the past two decades, only to break things off with him now? Well, he won't say, but you know what that means:

I'm not going to talk about any aspects of my deal [with NBC that may or may not include a non-compete clause that would prevent me from working at a competitor in news]. I completely respect the question, but I am not going to talk, because once I open the door to one aspect, the door is open. I wasn't going to stay here all my life. I don't know this is how I expected it to end, but I'm completely at peace about it.

Oh, some people just can't get away, huh?

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