Jennifer Lopez’s Divalike Idol Demands Not Really That Divalike


What were the "divalike" demands that held up Jennifer Lopez's deal to judge American Idol? A $300 million wardrobe budget? Helicopter transportation to and from the judges' table? A rule requiring each Idol contestant to sing five of her songs? Sadly, no. According to Nikki Finke, all signs point to Lopez soon "settling" for a $12 million offer — but she'd actually asked for $15 million and a green-lit movie (vaguely reasonable-seeming things, but Fox balked at both). Still, Lopez will get, says Finke, an overall deal at Fox, just one without firm commitments to make any Lopez-starring (or -produced) films or TV shows. Also, one reason there's not yet been an official announcement on the Idol judges' lineup is because Lopez negotiated to have it coincide with the release of her new single. So we can all certainly look forward to that.

JLo Getting Overall Fox Deal Along With $12M 'American Idol' Judging Job -- But Her Most Diva Demands Were Refused [Deadline]