Joaquin Phoenix Allegedly Impersonated


According to a press release that just arrived in our in-box, a Joaquin Phoenix impersonator is running amok at the Toronto Film Festival, appearing on red carpets with a "massive entourage of scantily clad female groupies." The release also notes that Casey Affleck — director of I'm Still Here, the mock-doc on Phoenix's pretend rap career — "is aware" of the "con artist" and will make some kind of announcement outside the Varsity Theater tomorrow night, before Here's Toronto premiere. We're sure he'll clear everything up. Update: The L.A. Times' Patrick Goldstein, the Wrap's Steve Pond, along with an astute Vulture commenter, note that there haven't actually been any red carpets yet in Toronto. So if you didn't already smell a marketing stunt here, sniff a little harder.