Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, an Oprah Book Club Selection?


Forgiveness week marches on: First Taylor and Kanye patch things up, and now it seems so will Oprah and Jonathan Franzen. (Disappointingly, this does not mean Oprah has written a song containing the lyrics "51 and still immature.") The Post is reporting that tomorrow, Oprah will pick Franzen's Freedom as her last book club selection, thus resolving one of her great literary feuds. (Oprah's beef with James Frey, on the other hand, is eternal.) In 2001, Oprah selected Franzen's The Corrections for her book club. Franzen expressed some discomfort with this, prompting Oprah to rescind the offer, preferring to help someone grateful sell hundreds of thousands of extra copies of his novel. Nine years later, Franzen has come around and made peace with having an Oprah Book Club logo on his book. Certainly, the logo matches the cerulean warbler on Freedom's cover perfectly.

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