Last Night on Late Night: Ali Larter Lewdly Announces She’s Having a Baby Boy


Late Night's Jimmy Fallon managed to persuade Resident Evil: Afterlife star Ali Larter to publicly announce that she and her husband, Hayes MacArthur, are having a baby boy. I wonder how the little guy is going to feel when he's older and he discovers that mom used a joke about his penis to break the big news to the world? Up next, Jon Stewart asks Meghan McCain to pass along a love note drenched in Axe body spray that he wrote to her dad, and on Jimmy Kimmel Live Diane Sawyer reveals that her love of Jennifer Aniston is the reason she allowed herself to be masturbation material for Jason Bateman in The Switch. Wrapping things up on The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson and Rashida Jones get a little too touchy-feely for this late-night viewer's likings. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.