Last Night on Late Night: Anna Wintour Had to Wait While Lady Gaga Talked to God


Late Night's Jimmy Fallon was allowed to host Vogue overlord Anna Wintour and her sidekick Marc Jacobs as they promoted the latest installment of her all night shop-a-thon, Fashion's Night Out. Jimmy seemed more interested in talking about the Met Ball, so Anna treated him to the tale of how Lady Gaga's 45-minute conversation with God kept Nuclear and her guests waiting the last time everyone got all dressed up to drink booze in the museum. Up next, Craig Ferguson sniffs Rachel Ray's fingers and discovers that they don't all smell like biscuits, and then Donald Trump's tongue goes green after shooting some wheatgrass with David Letterman on The Late Show. Finally, on The Tonight Show, Thomas Haden Church tells Jay Leno why he's annoyed with Robert Duval's new "faith-based" golf movie that's filming near his isolated ranch in Texas. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.