Last Night on Late Night: Elijah Wood and Jimmy Fallon Chug Beer, Toss Hammers


Elijah Wood taught Late Night host and competition enthusiast Jimmy Fallon a drinking game called "Stump" which will probably go down in the annals as one of the dumbest drinking games since bros iced bros. Wood told Fallon that the hammer flipping, nail driving, beer chugging contest is his favorite, yet the Romantics star still failed to best Jimmy. Just chalk it up to home-court advantage, Elijah. Up next on The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson forks over the cash to James Lipton for a little of the ooh la la, and over on The Tonight Show, Chelsea Handler pops Jay Leno's horndog-shaped balloon when she reveals that she wasn't all that popular or slutty in high school. Last but not least, poor Milla Jovovich tells Jimmy Kimmel about coping with juice-box envy on the playground, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.