Last Night on Late Night: Sigourney Weaver Turned Down Woody Allen To Hide a Hedgehog in Her Vagina


Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Sigourney Weaver admitted that her film debut in Annie Hall would have been more substantial had she not turned down director Woody Allen in favor of working on an Off Broadway play that featured her in the role of a little girl who was hiding a hedgehog in her vagina. In case you were wondering, it was called Titanic. Up next on The Late Show, Katherine Heigl and Dave Letterman take turns lighting up on air with Heigl's nifty electronic nicotine delivery device, and Bill O'Reilly receives a warm, rose petal filled welcome to The Daily Show by the always respectful Jon Stewart. Wrapping things up on The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson and his robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Peterson get a little turned on at the thought of some old college clothes Sela Ward has yet to throw away. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.