Last Night on Late Night: Tina Fey Admires Jon Hamm’s Drinking, Amy Poehler’s Rack


Late Night with Jimmy Fallon provided some more post-Emmy party talk chitchat, this time with Jimmy's old friend Tina Fey. The 30 Rock star recounted as much as she could from her white-wine-fueled party hopping, noting Jon Hamm's tolerance for booze, a post-baby Amy Poehler working her "temporary rack," and drunkenly representing New York to the Hollywood paparazzi. Over on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno told Casey Affleck that he can always tell when Letterman is cranky, and Jon Stewart and Sigourney Weaver discussed the plus side of tall women dancing with short men. Wrapping things up on The Late Show, Snooki admitted to a non-cranky David Letterman that she thinks she's "out there" before teaching him how to fist pump. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.