Update: Lou Reed Not Responsible for Cancelled Susan Boyle Performance


Crotchety Velvet Underground legend Lou Reed spared America's Got Talent viewers a performance of his "Perfect Day" by Susan Boyle yesterday. The chart-topping Britain's Got Talent singer had flown all the way to Los Angeles to do the song, but upon her arrival was informed that Reed had denied permission for the track's use because he "isn't a Boyle fan." With no time to prepare a new song, Boyle flew right back to London. If only Claude-Michel Schönberg had been similarly discerning. [TMZ via Movieline] Update: A spokesperson for Reed made what we assume was his first-ever call to Access Hollywood to deny the report above: "Due to a glitch, ['Perfect Day'] was not cleared for the American market in time for the show, something that had nothing to do with the former Velvet Underground member." We love you anyway, Lou!