Louis CK Explains the Louie Creative Process


Apparently, this is a comment left by Louis CK in the comments of a review of Louie on HitFix. It might not be real, because this is the internet. But it sure seems like it is, and you know what, I want it to be, so let’s just say it is. In any case:

“I’m sorry guys. I guess this show, to me, is like I turn on my brain each week and show some stuff that’s in it. Sometimes it’s real and sometimes it’s not. Some things and people I like to show again (for now) some I don’t. Some I want to change because I’m showing them for different reasons from show to show. I don’t have a writing staff. The network doesn’t read my scripts. I don’t ‘vette’ the stories the way a traditional show does. This stuff comes right out of my gut. I work very hard on the show and the scripts are forged carefully. But I try to trust my impulses and never do anything because I think it’s necessary, if it isn’t compelling. I’ve worked on a lot of shows where you find yourself writing and shooting things that you don’t want because you feel the show ‘needs’ them. And NOT doing things you want because you think you can’t do them or it hurts the show. I refuse to do either of those things on this ‘series.’”