Maggie Grace To Menace Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn


Grace, best known for her role as Shannon on Lost, will be playing a “new vampire threat” to Stewart’s Bella in the final two films in the Twilight franchise. Her character, Irina, is a member of the Denali coven, a “vegetarian” vampire group which, like the Cullens, abstains from munching on humans. Irina blames the Cullen tribe for the death of her lover, which sets into motion “a terrifying chain of events.” Based on the previous installments, we imagine the “chain” will go something like this: quick cuts of Irina brooding in a dark alley; Bella repeatedly biting her lip as she stands in fear in a nondescript clearing; Irina running super fast and attacking Bella; Edward arriving just in the nick of time and vanquishing Irina; and finally, Bella making lovey-dovey eyes at Edward as she thanks him for saving her. [Deadline]